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Gail McInnis Productions is proud to offer premier costume designs tailor fit for show choirs and performing groups. We offer a wide variety of unique fabrics, custom made beaded and sequined dresses and creative costumes to fit the ever-changing show choir world. We offer an extensive line of men's suits and creative custom jackets.

As a music educator for 30 years, Gail understands show choir and how you, as a director, need your costumes to function on stage.

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New Arrivals

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$150.00 and Under

Check out some of  

of the dresses on our website that

are $150.00 or less!! 

Call  for  more styles like these!  

20042 -20039 -GMP2085 - GMPB2072 - GMPB2073A 

GMPB2077 - 20037 - GMPB2076B - GMPB2071 

GMPB2075B - GMPB2074 


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